Is the situation a little clearer?

Is the situation a little clearer?

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How to clean the water filter
Trunk equipment must be washed - we are talking about the case. You won't need to use any special cleaning products - a little soapy water, and therefore rinse well. Therefore, there should be no problems with what to wash the water filter. There are no problems with mesh or disk mechanical filters - they keep suspended particles. Some types of equipment have a special option of draining the accumulated pollutants into the sewerage system. After opening the additional tap on the model body, the flushing of the body is started and the filter is cleaned.

How to choose a water filter

Weaknesses of water

Then, if it turns out that in your water, for example, only iron exceeds the norm, it will be enough to install a de-ironer, but it is likely to be above the chlorine, hardness salts, organic and other impurities, in this case you can not do without a complex stationary cleaning system (flow type or reverse osmosis).
Scopes of application

Filter Features
As you can see, with some knowledge of filter principles and criteria for the future treatment system, filter selection is minimized.
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